Hi, I'm Deb.

"This is exactly what I was meant to do."

As the daughter of an amazing caterer, I grew up watching weddings from the kitchen, always curious about the beauty and celebration happening in the other room. It wasn’t until many years later, a photographer friend graciously allowed me to accompany her with my camera to a local wedding. This time instead of peeking through the kitchen window, I was surrounded by the emotion of two people celebrating the happiest day of their lives. All the curiosity of my younger years came flooding back, as I instinctively captured the beautiful story unfolding in front of me. I couldn't reach for my cell fast enough to call Grant and announce, “This is EXACTLY what I was meant to do!”


1. As a bonafide morning person, I wake up humming. 2.There is ALWAYS a song in my head... explains the humming ;) 3. I don't just LOVE coffee, I'm INTOXICATED by it's smell. 4. I LOVE to laugh, and literally can't fall asleep until we watch at least two episodes of Seinfeld, Modern Family, King of Queens or Frasier. 5 And speaking of sleep, it's gotta be COLD... which means Grant is under 3 quilts and a turtleneck to keep from freezing! 6. My dreams are mostly crazy and cartoonish, and I remember most of them. 7 I am Mom to 3 adult children, (2 of whom are married) and Gigi to 1 grandson! 8. Early mornings are the best walking the Noland Trail with Grant, Morgen and our Siberian Husky Bandit...but sometimes I'm just lazy. 9. Cooking family dinner is a must on Sunday's when we're not traveling for work! 10. I facetime with my 89 yr old mom every morning. 11 Grant and I are super competitive...one of us is always walking away with the best picture that day! ;) 12 Separate offices in our home is a must, that’s why he’s still living. ;) 13 I've recently taken up painting again and I'm obsessed with botanical watercolor. 14 I never need an excuse to throw a party!!! 15. After years of a love/hate relationship with email, I can finally say I am down to zero every single night! whew! 16. If my house is messy, I'm unable to think! 17. I never feel like a wedding is complete until I’ve designed the album.

Hi, I'm Grant.

"...on any given day, you'll find me juggling between fairways and capturing moments."

I’ve used photography for years in our ventures, whether for websites or product print collaterals. I've depended on the right half of my brain as a necessity. Over time, it has turned into a relentless pursuit, always chasing better composition, better light, and stunning images.


1 I love Golf to a fault. If not behind the camera, I'm probably on the green, usually aiming for 27+ holes with a Titleist in hand. 2 Not a fan of lists, especially those "Random Things About Grant" kind. 3 I love Italian food, red Swedish Fish & Oreos (must be double stuff and served with ice-cold milk). 4 I love animals; specifically dogs. Ask me about our rescue Husky, Bandit and our turtle Pistachio sometime. 5 My adoration for all things Apple runs deep. In fact, I'm a published Apple Developer on the App Store. Yet, the hunt continues as I strive to birth a killer app concept. Any brilliant ideas to share? 6 I wake up thinking about if I remembered to replace the empty Coke Zero bin in the fridge last night 'casue I'm gonna need a cold one—right now. 7 I'm never not thinking about something, and typically 4-6 things are competing for my attention—all the time; MAKE IT STOP! 8 I have an INCREDIBLE artist for a wife. She's also the only responsible adult in this thing. 9 I love LOUD dance/BPM and/or contemporary jazz music—especially when I'm editing or coding. 10 ADHD is my friend—SQUIRREL! But somehow, I've learned to embrace its unique perspective and channel it creatively. You should see some of my SQUIRREL pics! 11 I LOVE BMW vehicles. I drive an X5 5.0i M and it's typically with my hair on fire. Deb hates riding in the front seat when I drive; she says I'm the #1 ASSCAR driver—pfft. 12 I play the piano, by ear; I taught myself. It's actually how Deb & I met (another story for another time) 13 I'm geek to the core. If there's an app for it, I've got it. Still waiting for the "Why-can't-you-just-pick-up-after-yourself" app. 14 I am a Culinary sorcerer. Mac-n-cheese is by far my most formidable edible feat. 15 I love that Pepcid Complete is an actual product—which explains #3.  16 I love the sound of a golfing ball being striped perfectly and watching its trajectory lift the little white ball 290 yards straight down the fairway. And like all things beautiful, it is a rare occurrence... I'm diligently working on it.  17 Seinfeld. We can probably quote most every episode and there is rarely a day a Seinfeld reference doesn't present itself in real life. "you just double dipped!18 My stress increases proportionately when the house is not tidy because I know Deb is gonna freak—soon. #SerenityNow 19 I need adult supervision most of the time; explains #10. 20 I NEVER take anything from the front of the shelf at any store; I ALWAYS reach to the back for the "freshness." Oreos from the back are ALWAYS fresher and don't even get me started on the milk.

Torrey Pines hole #3 tee box—circa 2022